Water Warriors - Amazon

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Twenty-five years ago I was part of the team that completed the first navigation of the full length of the Amazon River, including the famous Acobamba Abyss. My participation in that expedition grew out of an earlier journey with Canoandes-79, a group of Polish kayakers who in the course of paddling rivers in Europe and across both Americas made the first descent of Peru’s Colca Canyon, long considered the deepest canyon on the planet. The success of the Amazon Source-to-Sea Expedition of 1985-1986 was due to the involvement of all of its members, but the most important were the great kayakers Jerome Truran and Tim Biggs. As well, our final success would not have been achieved without Joe Kane, Zbigniew Bzdak, and Kate Durrant. Additionally, without the support of Jack Jourgensen, Bryce Anderson, Jacek Bogucki, friends from Casper, Wyoming and many friends in Peru and Brazil the expedition would not even have had a start. Our adventure was described in articles in National Geographic and Outside magazines and in the book Running the Amazon, by Joe Kane, which is now considered a classic of adventure literature. And now we have the pleasure of presenting it in the form of this comic book.
Piotr Chmielinski
Script: Jerzy Porebski
Cartoonist: Ewa Łabaj
© Canoandes Inc 2012
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